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Heavenly Made Blessings is a non-profit organization with a 501C3 status that provides services to families and early childhood educators. We strive towards driving change and empowering people in Pennsylvania so they can get access to the tools and resources they need to get a sense of security and enjoy a quality life. We also persevere in opening opportunities for children to get quality education as well as reach out to childcare providers so they, too, may provide better quality childcare services to their domain.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower individuals through comprehensive support systems, including training, workshops, mentoring, and coaching. We provide scholarships for childcare tuition and community drives and deliver essential resources and services. By fostering self-sufficiency and promoting quality of life, we aim to cultivate a resilient and thriving community.


Why Heavenly Made Blessings

I became a mother at 18. Thinking because I was out of high school, I was ready to be someone’s parent. According to my grandmother I was still a teenager and was not ready. I thought all I had to do was graduate high school. I didn’t consider being married, in my own home, or having a career. I never considered behind the scenes of being a mother or what that would look like. All that mattered to me was I would love this blessing better than anyone ever loved me. I didn’t realize that kind of love included being ablet to provide for him. I had expectations for him to have the best and I would get it however I needed to. That first year was a challenge. My son would end up in the hospital diagnosed with RSV. I had no money to get to the hospital do visit him. I remember crying trying to figure it out and a close friend made it happen.

For a period of time, I would rely on government assistance which included receiving WIC, a program that would provide milk and food for my baby and I. My son was diagnosed with acid reflux and wouldn’t tolerate the milk WIC gave. However, he was able to tolerate Similac. The milk my son needed wasn’t covered. Purchasing milk was the only option. The struggle was real. I was a fighter when it came to feeding my baby. I knew I had to in order to be able to provide for him and I. In the meantime, I had to rely on the system to support my growth and goals towards becoming self-sufficient. This ride took me to better jobs, homeownership, college, and a career and to eventually entrepreneurship.

People may abuse the system, but I was determined to use it with purpose. I remember experiencing what it was like to apply for assistance for buying food, paying utilities, to paying for childcare. I remember having to provide my paystubs where they would count my gross income only to tell me I didn’t qualify. I made too much money. Talk about frustrated. I didn’t bring home what I grossed. How gross it that! I would be dollars over the qualified poverty line, but still in poverty and told, “sorry you are not eligible” and one of the most expensive bills a family may have is childcare tuition. Telling a parent, I can’t allow them to enroll their child because they can’t afford to pay their childcare tuition, or I have to terminate a child because a single parent can’t pay or is behind in tuition payments knowing how important early childhood education is for a child’s growth and development. One day I found my purpose and it would be serving children and families. They too would experience the same struggle I had. I would have a business career that is one of the lowest paid in the industry.

I would then set goals to reach my highest potential in this field. Growth to some look like expanding and opening one or more childcare centers. Growth to me meant goals to master your business as a family childcare provider. We are viewed as babysitters, but we are without a doubt, entrepreneurs. Many are left on an island. Some by choice and some for other reasons, one being trust. My strength in building relationships to mentor and coach, and advocate for family childcare providers is astounding. My love for supporting the growth and development of children and supporting the growth of a childcare program from infancy to a full goes hand in hand. I can’t do one without the other. Childcare is one of the most expensive bills a family may have. In the very beginning stages of Heavenly Made Creations I started having bookbag and thanksgiving drives. My desire was always to be able to provide scholarships to help those that may be having a financial struggle. In 2020 we would be faced with a pandemic that would shut the world down. It would also be the right time to birth Heavenly Made Blessings. I decided I would begin the mission to serve families that don’t qualify for assistance with assistance. Often, we truly just struggle.

It’s just not enough no matter how many ways we skin the cat. Other times we may not know how to budget. Ultimately be it more money, education, resources, or a bag of groceries, we live in a world where we can always lend a hand to someone. I will always be a Heavenly Made Blessing.

How You Can Take Action

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference. Get in the right direction by donating toward our organization or sponsoring a child in our scholarship program.

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