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Heavenly Made Blessings

Millions of families don’t qualify for subsidies, and countless children are not in school because of it. This problem continuously escalates throughout the years. As an effort to put a stop to this global crisis, we, at Heavenly Made Blessings, extend our resources to families, children, and childcare providers in Philadelphia. With supportive programs, we can give the locals of Philadelphia the support they need, and with contributions, we can successfully drive change.

At Heavenly Made Blessings, we believe education starts at birth. While a child’s first teacher is at home, there are more working families in need of a village, and part of that village is being a part of a quality, safe, trustworthy childcare program. 4 out of 10 families qualify for support to pay for a quality early childhood program. That leaves 60% of families that must pay out of pocket. With the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and being penalized for the gross amount of the paycheck that does not come into the home, this leaves families struggling to afford early childhood education for their children while they work is overwhelming.

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We support families and childcare providers to get the services, tools, and resources they need.

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Because everyone deserves a quality education

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Helping childcare providers provide quality programs

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Supporting families, children, and childcare providers

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Serving the community, empowering lives, & promoting quality life

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to support families with education, mentoring, coaching, and providing financial support by scholarships for child care tuition, offering food donations, school supplies, and other financial support as we are funded with trust, empathy, and care.

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